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Administrative Service Organization

ASO is a collaboration with DHHR in a systematic approach to the delivery of a selected group of child welfare services, known as a socially necessary services.

Family Service is offering the following ASO programs and more
  • Adult Life Skills
  • ASO Homemaker Services
  • Case Management
  • Child-Oriented Activities
  • Family Crisis Intervention
  • Family Needs and Assessment
  • General Parenting
  • Group Child-Oriented Activities
  • Individualized Parenting
  • Intervention Travel
  • MDT Attendance
  • Pre-Reunification Support
  • Safety Services
  • Supervised Visitation 1 & 2
  • Supervision
  • Transportation 1, 2, 3


Professional and confidential counseling services provided to individuals, couples, and families since 1912.
- Initial counseling sessions require approximately two (2) hours for completion and consist of an individual needs assessment session & a treatment plan development session.
- Subsequent sessions are fifty (50) minutes in length.

Frequent Topics
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Parent – Child Difficulties
  • Couples Conflicts
  • Stress Management
  • Adjustments Mediation
  • Grief
  • Children’s Issues
  • Trauma
  • Crises Management
  • Marital Concerns

Healthy Grandfamilies

A collaboration between Family Services of Marion and Harrison Counties, Inc, United Way of Harrison, Marion, and Taylor Counties, and the Board of Education of Harrison and Marion Counties..

Healthy Grandfamilies is a series of free discussion groups to provide information and resources to grandparents who are raising one or more grandchildren.  Designed as a series of ten discussion groups and follow-up services.  Healthy Grandfamilies is taught by experts in the topic areas from the community.

Each discussion group provides valuable resources along with childcare for attendees and refreshments.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion, a gift card, and three months of follow-up services for family support.

Home Health Programs

We provide in-home care services under the Aged and Disabled Waiver Program, the Personal Care Program, private pay, Veterans Administration services, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Take Me Home Transition Program.


Aged & Disabled Waiver and Personal Care: These two programs are state run and require the participant to meet medical and financial eligibility. Once approved, a state nurse will visit and complete an assessment and determine the level of services approved. Once this has taken place, you have the option to choose a home care agency and a Case Management agency (for ADW) to provide your services. Only the ADW program allows for Skilled Nursing services providing a registered nurse to assess your needs and supervise your care.


TBI Waiver: this service is provided to an individual at least 3 years of age with a traumatic brain injury that is non-degenerative and non- congenital. The participant must also meet the financial eligibility requirements.


Take Me Home Transition Program: this program serves individuals that have been a resident in a nursing facility, hospital, or institution for mental illness, or a combination of any of the 3 for at least 90 consecutive days and receive Medicaid benefits. The individual chooses to move to a “qualified residence” and out of the facility.


Private Pay: this allows a family/individual to pay out-of-pocket for in-home care services. This services is like the others as it provides personal care to the individual in the home setting.


VA Services: these services provide the same in-home care as the other programs but are arranged through the VA and assigned to the agency of choice that has aligned with the VA program

In-home Care Services

In-home care services focus on providing personal care to the individual that needs assistance. Some programs allow errands once or twice a week. Some of the services provided are:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Mobility
  • Restroom assistance/toileting
  • Eating and cooking
  • Some light environmental services


Services NOT provided include:

  • Wound care
  • Medication administration
  • Injections
  • House cleaning services ONLY


All programs, except the private pay program, have medical and financial requirements to receive the services.

The ADW and Personal Care Program require an MNER (Medical Necessity Evaluation Request) to be completed by the individual requesting services and their primary care physician. This form is forwarded to the state.

Participants must be eligible to receive the state Medicaid card and have deficits in certain areas of self-care and function.


*Services provided will be aimed at personal care i.e. bathing, grooming, dressing, meals, toileting, etc. Environmental services are not to exceed 1/3 of services provided.

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